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Are you looking for information about Cinebap Mrinmoy das?  In this article, we will share Cinebap Mrinmoy Das's biography. Through this article, we will try to give you all the detailed information about Cinebap Mrinmoy and through this post, you will know how much is the income of Cinebap Mrinmoy and how old is he? Where does he live? What is his contact number and we will try to inform you about his girlfriend? 

Cinebap mrinmoy das biography

Who is Cinebap Mrinmoy Das

CineBap Mrinmoy das is a young Indian Youtuber is famous for his comedy video. He runs a youtube channel Cinebap, that's why at present people called him Cinebap Mrinmoy. Sinebap Mrinmoy Das is a resident of Cooch Behar in West Bengal. He mostly made his video in the Bengali language.

CineBap Mrinmoy das Wiki Biography

Although no exact information is known about Mrinmoy Das's birthday, it is believed that he is between 27 and 28 years old. He did his primary education at Manindranath High School. Then he completed his graduation from Calcutta University. His hometown is in Cooch Behar and he currently lives in Cooch Behar. 

CineBap Mrinmoy Das wiki, Biography
Full Name Mrinmoy Das
Age 28 Years
Religion Hindu
Profession Youtuber
Home Town Cooch Behar
Birthplace Cooch Behar
Current Address Cooch Behar
Nationality Indian
Parents Not Known
Marital Status UnMarried
Girlfriend Yes
Subscriber 1.9M

Cinebap Physical Appearance

Cinebap Mrinmoy Physical Appearance
Height 5.7" Approx
Weight 70 Kg  Approx
Hair Color Balck
Eye Color Black

Youtuber Cinebap Mrinmoy Das Career

Cinebap Mrinmoy Das chose his profession as a YouTuber. He joined youtube on 28 Oct 2019. The video-making was an addiction of Mrinmoy Das. After opening a channel on YouTube, he started making comedy videos and roasting videos. Mrinmoy Das's eloquence and humorous video are slowly taking place in people's minds. In addition to making funny videos, he started making live videos and vlog videos. he mostly made videos on the viral topics. Cinebap Mrinmoy Das doesn't just make videos, he likes to dance a lot. Gradually his popularity began to spread in West Bengal and beyond. Sinebap Mrinmoy's YouTube channel currently has 1.9 million subscribers. Along with YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are not lacking in popularity. Choosing YouTube as a career at a young age was a big challenge for him. He worked hard and succeeded. Where there is a success there is hard work. We must learn from Mrinmoy Das who has worked hard to make himself one of the best YouTubers in Bengal today. At present, he has 2 youtube channels.

Cinebap Mrinmoy Das Contact

If you want to get in touch with Cinebap Mrinmoy Das you can mail to this mail address and message him on social media Facebook Instagram. You can meet him by contacting him via email. Below this article, we have linked his Facebook Instagram, and YouTube channel. If you want you can contact him from there.

CineBap Mrinmoy das wife and Wedding Images

Cinebap Mrinmoy das was always talking about single life and he always claimed that he is a single person and has no girlfriend. The interesting fact is Cinebap Mrinmoy das got married to a Bengali girl Ruma Modak from Matha Vanga on 21 November 2021. Cinebap Mrinmoy das posted 2 photos on his Facebook wall and confirm his marriage news. We congratulate him on happy married life. 

Cinebap Mrinmoy das Wedding / Marriage Image 

CineBap Mrinmoy das wife and marriage images
CineBap Mrinmoy das wife and marriage images

CineBap Mrinmoy das wife and marriage images
CineBap Mrinmoy das marriage 

CineBap Mrinmoy das wife and marriage images
CineBap Mrinmoy das with his wife

CineBap Mrinmoy das wife and marriage images
CineBap Mrinmoy das marriage  

CineBap Mrinmoy das wife and marriage images
CineBap Mrinmoy das wife and marriage images

CineBap Mrinmoy das income, net worth

You may be wondering how much money Mrinmoy Das earns from YouTube? 
Cinebap Mrinmoy Das income and net worth: Although we do not have any clear information about his income, we can say that Cinebap Mrinmoy Das earns Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh per month from YouTube. His income is not only from YouTube's advertisements, but there are also many other sources of paid promotions that have made his extra income.

Cinebap Mrinmoy das Instagram, Youtube Channel, Facebook

CineBap Mrinmoy das with the Bong Guy controversy

Recently, Mrinmoy Das, popularly known as Cinebap, got into trouble with another popular YouTuber in Bengali, Kiran Dutt, known as The Bong Guy. They made various comments about each other on social media and WhatsApp.However, it is rumored that Kiran Dutta first made an insult to Cinebap in The Bong Guy which Cinebap did not like at all, so he made a stabbing video of Kiran Dutta in another video.
You can see the Cinebap Mrinmoy das vs Kiran Dutta The bong Guy controversial video from this link.

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