Who is Debanjan Deb Wiki, Biography, Age, Education, Father, Family, Wife, girlfriend, Fraud case, News

Who is Debanjan Deb Wiki, Biography, Age, Education, Father, Family, Wife, girlfriend, Fraud case, News:

Who is Debanjan Deb Wiki, Biography, Age, Education, Father, Family, Wife, girlfriend, Fraud case, News

Debanjan Deb wiki, Biography
Full Name Debanjan Deb
Age 35 Years
Religion Hindu
Profession Fraud IAS
Home Town Kolkata
Dob and Birthplace Kolkata
Current Address Kolkata
Nationality Indian
Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Marital Status Un Married
Girl Friend No Information
Known for Covid vaccine fraud case

Debanjan Deb was perfect at lying since he was in school. Fake IAS was also used to commit fraud. Complaint of Devanjan's best friend in school. Assistant to renowned image directors. Award for Documentary at the Cannes Film Festival. Debanjan used to say, Dabi is a friend of the school.

According to police sources, Debanjan (Fake Vaccination Camp) took a bodyguard from a security agency in December. At the time, he claimed by showing fake government documents that the state government had asked him to take bodyguards. Security agency officials also visited Debanjan's Kasbar office. However, Debanjan canceled the contract with the security agency two months after leaving the bodyguard.

Debanjan deb fake ias

Debanjan Dev took a bodyguard from a security agency in December 2020. At that time, he showed fake government documents and claimed that the state government had asked him to take bodyguards. Security agency officials also came to Kasbar's office. After two months, Debanjan canceled the contract with the security agency. According to police sources, he left the bodyguard.

Meanwhile, Debanjan Deb, who was caught in a fake vaccine case, was verbally accused of cheating in the name of giving a job at the Electronics Complex police station in Salt Lake last year. According to police sources, the man of Debanjan's house may know at that time that he is a fake IAS. Devanjan even conducted searches in several places under the guise of fake IAS. He rented an office for Tk 65,000 between September and October last year. Lalbazar detectives searched Debanjan's house in Madurdahar for about two and a half hours last night. According to police sources, several documents and stamps have been confiscated from Debanjan's house. Matched 3 debit cards and bank passbook. Sources also said that Debanjan's father was infected with corona.

Devanjan Deb sat in the seventh heaven of lies in the fascination of popularity. He did it to prove himself to his family and relatives. And that is why he weaved one lie after another. Lalbazar said that for the first time in 2016, he told his father and family about getting a job as an IAS. He did it only to get recognition from his family. He said this in the statement given to the police. However, he began to publicly introduce himself as a KMC official before Mascherek.

According to the detectives, he started gaining popularity in society after introducing himself as a municipal worker. Or he began to enjoy the subject. That is why he put a blue light on the rental car and started using the flag of Biswabangla so that no one could catch him lying.

His brother Kanchan understood from the beginning that Devanjan was running a fraudulent business. But instead of bringing the matter to light, he began to act as his 'second in command'.

Mamata Banerjee opened her mouth for the first time on Monday in a fake vaccine case. The Chief Minister met the journalists in Navanne on that day. There, he said, there is no need to popularize the fraudster by mentioning his name. There is no need to name thieves-robbers-fraudsters.

The Chief Minister said that the fraudster who was caught has so much arrogance, courage, arrogance that all the documents have been swindled. The government has no role in this. The government did not.

Many people come and tell people to put money in this chit fund. Simple people put money in it, and don't get it anymore. The fraudsters fled. There are some people like that, they look beautiful, they are smart. Cheating around.

Mamata said that these fraudsters sometimes forge the signatures of the Chief Minister and sometimes the Prime Minister. Sometimes forging the signature of the government. It is not uncommon for militants to use red-light vehicles to attack parliament.

According to the Chief Minister, those who do these things are not human beings. Said, I don't think they are human. They do not fall into the stage of inhumanity. Those who play with people's lives are more terrible than terrorists. Strict action has been taken against them.

The Chief Minister added that seats have already been formed. I myself have spoken to the Commissioner of Police more than once. There is no concession on this issue. Those who helped him will not be spared.

The Chief Minister said, ‘It is the work of fraudsters to show pictures and cheat. He said that when they saw a large number of people on the street, they stood in front and took pictures. Puts up selfies.

That's why I often don't agree. It must be remembered that there is no benefit in taking pictures. They took a picture with each party.

The Chief Minister added, "I have no language to insult." I would advise everyone to stay away from such scammers. There are such cheaters in society. We have to keep an eye on them. Police and the municipality have been warned about this.

Devanjan Deb's parents knew the boy was not an IAS officer! Mystery to wear. This time, the police got big information after investigating the fake vaccination camp case in Kasbar. This is not the first time that Devanjan Dev had to face police interrogation in March 2020. He was accused of cheating by promising to give him a job. According to sources, at that time his parents knew that the boy was not an IAS officer.

Investigators are getting one shocking piece of information after another in the investigation of the Debanjan case. Police searched his home on Sunday. Her father is currently in quarantine at home. Police confiscated several documents, debit cards, and passbooks from Debanjan's house on that day. Debanjan had hired people in the guise of 'Special 26' to run the fraud ring. In the face of interrogation, he said, he started recruiting people in September or October last year. And for this work, Ashok Roy was paid 75 thousand rupees per month.

According to police sources, there was no evidence against Debanjan and he was acquitted in the fraud case against him last time. Meanwhile, Debanjan Deb did not discount his family! He also cheated on his uncle. That is what his uncle Sandeep Manna has complained. He is a drawing teacher by profession. Draw yourself. Lives in Gopal Das Para of Diamond Harbor. Nephew IAS officer. And that's why he contacted Debanjan for an exhibition of his drawings. He did not return his uncle. Organized an exhibition in June 2019. However, Sandeep alleged that he demanded some money for this.